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Norway's Equinor to stay in U.S. lobby group following climate policy shift MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Norway’s Equinor ASA has decided to stay in the American Petroleum Institute after the major U.S. oil lobby group changed its stance on climate policy. FILE PHOTO: Equinor's flag in Stavanger, Norway December 5, 2019. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins/File Photo However, Equinor has quit the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association as the firm has wound down operations in Australia after giving up an exploration drilling plan in the Great Australian Bight. In a report dated March 2021, Equinor said it had completed an annual review of industry groups’ climate policy alignment with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius and the company’s goal to be net zero by 2050. Last year it quit the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) over disagreement on climate policy and found “some misalignments” for the American Petroleum Institute (API)and the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA). However, following API’s commitment to endorse the Paris Agreement’s ambitions, work with the U.S. administration and back a carbon price policy, Equinor said it would remain a member of API. “We will continue to engage with API and work with other members on API climate policy through our representation on the board and in relevant committees impacting climate and sustainability issues,” Equinor said in its March 2021 review. Equinor’s decision to stay in API contrasts with French major Total’s move to quit API in January over its climate policies and support for easing drilling regulations. The Norwegian company disclosed its membership fees for the first time, revealing that its contribution to API is between $1 million and $3.5 million, the same as its contribution to Norway’s oil and gas lobby group (NOROG). Equinor said it decided to leave APPEA “in line with changes to our international operations”. Last year it said it would push APPEA to take a clear stand on supporting carbon pricing and “a clear position on not accepting carryover credits” to count towards Australia’s emissions reduction target under the Paris Agreement. Shareholder activist group the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) funny post applauded Equinor for quitting APPEA. “APPEA’s record of advocacy is completely at odds with Australia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement,” said ACCR’s climate and environment director, Dan Gocher. Reporting by Sonali Paul in Melbourne; Additional reporting by Nerijus Adomaitis in Oslo; Editing by Christopher Cushing & Shri Navaratnam


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A release from the town manager of Windsor stated that Officer Joe Gutierrez was terminated following an internal investigation of the incident that occurred on December 5. In the release, officials say “the pursuit and ultimate stop which resulted in the use of pepper spray against Lt. Caron Nazario by Officer Gutierrez” required an internal investigation to determine the appropriateness of Gutierrez’s action. Officials say the investigation into the incident “began immediately.” “At the conclusion of this investigation, it was determined that Windsor Police Department policy was not followed,” officials said. The investigation resulted in disciplinary action and additional department-wide training, which began in January and is still ongoing, according to the release. “Since that time, Officer Gutierrez was also terminated from his employment,” officials said. “The Town of Windsor has remained transparent about this event since the initial stop, and has openly provided documents and related video to attorneys for Lt. Nazario.” Officials say they will continue to provide information related to the traffic stop in their commitment to openness. “Rather than deflect criticism, we have addressed these matters with our personnel administratively, we are reaching out to community stakeholders to engage in dialogue, and commit ourselves to additional discussions in the future.” The news comes just hours after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam ordered the Virginia State Police to conduct an independent investigation into the incident, which began when Officer Gutierrez and Officer Daniel Crocker conducted the traffic stop of U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario. It resulted in the officers drawing their guns, pointing them at Nazario and using a slang term to suggest he was facing execution. He was also pepper sprayed. Gov. Ralph Northam orders Virginia State Police to conduct independent investigation regarding Windsor traffic stop incident In a statement released Sunday afternoon, Gov. Northam described the incident as “disturbing” and said it angered him. My statement on the encounter between Lieutenant Caron Nazario and two officers from the Windsor Police Department: pic.twitter.com/GcfL5YeIRm — Ralph Northam (@GovernorVA) April 11, 2021 “Our Commonwealth has done important work on police reform, but we must keep working to ensure that Virginians are safe during interactions with police, the enforcement of laws is fair and equitable, and people are held accountable,” Northam said.