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Traffic police launch road safety culture initiative This is an attempt to reduce the number of fatalities in learn this here now accidents This is an attempt to reduce the number of fatalities in accidents Despite the lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions last year, the city recorded 468 fatal accidents and 493 deaths in 2020. The previous year, in 2019, the death toll was even higher at 688. In an attempt to address this problem and reduce the number of fatalities, the traffic police have launched a drive to instil road safety culture among motorists and pedestrians, B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) told The Hindu. The initiative, which was launched on Saturday, will involve civic agencies associated with road engineering, maintenance and management. Underscoring the importance of the need to improve the city’s track record, Mr. Gowda pointed out that more people died of fatal accidents than the COVID-19 pandemic. “The entire country and its medical infrastructure has geared up towards fighting the pandemic. We need to address accidents with the same urgency. Little has been done to reduce deaths due to road accidents, which are avoidable and can be prevented successfully,” he added. For this, motorists and pedestrians, too, have a part to play. “We have chalked out a series of programmes, including inculcating a road safety culture among road users. The other important aspect includes awareness of the Golden Hour rule; the Good Samaritan law that encourages people to help accident victims; and most importantly, safety measures to be taken while using roads.” To spread awareness among school children and educate them on traffic rules, the police have prepared 28 short animated videos that will be played in theatres, public places and schools. This apart, dedicated staff will be deployed at the children’s traffic park near Bowring Institute to teach them how to ride bicycles safely while reading road signage and using traffic signals. “This will at yahoo give children practical experience on road usage,” said a senior officer who is part of the enforcement drive. He added that this project will commence after once COVID-19 rules are relaxed Youth film stars and celebrities have been roped in to share messages on road safety. One of the main problems raised by citizens during their interactions with the police is the sorry state of roads. “Civic agencies associated with road engineering will also be roped in to maintain the roads as this can also bring down the number of accidents,” Mr. Gowda said.


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But not much. This, more importantly, was a valuable test for the U.S. "We're all very happy to have had this game, and to have had this challenge," defender Tierna Davidson said postgame. "A great challenge," Rapinoe added. She found herself thinking throughout the game: "This is exactly what we need."  Why Saturday's draw could help USWNT at Olympics Prior to Saturday, the USWNT had scored 61 goals and conceded three under Andonovski. Since the start of Olympic qualifying in early 2020, it had scored 52 and conceded one. Andonovski is more tactical than Ellis, his predecessor, and his teachings appeared to have strengthened the USWNT machine. Competition, though, had been underwhelming since the start of 2020. "The games that we've played, up until this point, we've pretty much been able to play the way that we want," Rapinoe explained. "Things have looked pretty spot-on to what Vlatko and the staff have prepared us for." On Saturday, things didn't quite go to plan. Sweden interrupted the USWNT's attacking patterns with a slightly unexpected tactical approach. "I don't think we adjusted quick enough," Rapinoe said. The hope, though, is that lessons learned Saturday will allow them to adjust on the fly in Tokyo, where they'll meet teams of Sweden's caliber — and perhaps meet the Swedes themselves. "They're a tough team," Andonovski said. "That's why we came here. To play this team, to get exposed to physicality, to tactics and sophistication like this, so we can prepare to be the best version that we can be going into Olympics." In this sense, Saturday wasn't dissimilar to the team's last loss, 3-1 to France in the buildup to the 2019 World Cup. The Americans were outplayed that day, just as they were outplayed for long stretches on Saturday. But they were also a bit short-handed that day, just as they were a bit short-handed Saturday. Center back Abby Dahlkemper missed out with an injury.